May Wanderlust Collection

May 05, 2021

Many of you have now signed up to our monthly collection of Wanderlust resources delivered direct to your letter box (Begin your subscription here). With an aim to support and inspire Wanderlust learning in the home and setting each month. 

For those of you have bought our May collection (available here as a one off) I wanted to provide you with a few other simple ideas that you could do around the themes in the collection. 

1. Be a dreamer

The patch for this month is to 'Be a dreamer' which has to be one of my favourites. Isn't this what we want for all our children? Have you ever sat down and asked them what they want? Why not talk about what a dream actually is and share some of yours. Then create your very own vision board to show the things they hope for. This could be a collection of images symbolising their dreams stuck onto a piece of paper. Then place it somewhere that you will see often as this increases the chance of it happening. 

You could also have a chat about where you might display your patches? Could you peg them up? Stitch them onto some bunting or create your own explorers blanket to show them all off that you've got!

2. Insect facts

Take a magnifying glass and take a good look at the insect you got in your pack. What do the children know about it already? What questions do they have about it? Why not go on a insect detective hunt to discover the answers. Then you could make your own factfile bug about it!


3. Artwork

Take a closer look at the insect and why not create your own representation of it using your favourite materials. You could create it using loose parts, paint or pastels. 


4. Postcard

Using your postcard of Japan as a stimulus take an imaginary trip to Japan. Before you go find Japan on the map and research what the weather will be like and pack your imaginary suitcase. Pretend to fly on an airplane (we liked to use videos of planes setting off and landing and play these on the screen to add to the excitement). Set up your room in a way that represents some of the things you might experience in Japan. You might make the countries flag, try some local food, make a volcano (like Ring of Fire), mark make some Japanese letters and do some flower arranging. While your in Japan why not write on the back of your postcard and send it to a friend to tell them all about your adventure!

For more information on our Wanderlust Child collection see here


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